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Keto is more than just a diet, it’s a way of life! Eating keto means opting for a diet that is high in good fats, including some protein and almost zero sugar. In percentages, a ketogenic diet should be made up of about 75% good fats, 20% proteins and 5% sugars. And think twice; it’s important to eat “good” fat, so eating bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a big “no no”! Unfortunately, that’s not part of a healthy Keto lifestyle. What is most interesting about this lifestyle is that high fat consumption leads to ketone production in the liver, which tells the body to process fat as a source of energy rather than sugars. This is a natural metabolic change that occurs after a ketogenic diet has been adopted. Of course, we have to be rigorous if we want to follow this type of diet and ProtiLife Keto is here to make your life easier!

ProtiLife KETO

Our bars and snacks are delicious and designed to support you in your Keto lifestyle! With a Keto lifestyle, our products become a staple in your bags and purses, because they are a convenient, quick snack to have between your meals, and before or after a workout or any other activity! Plus, we took the time to put together the right ingredients, including MCT fat, to offer you a quality product. And… the taste… SO DELICIOUS and decadent that you’ll be drooling!
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