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Wrap keto au poulet

Treat yourself to a delicious chicken keto wrap recipe!

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Vegan Cream and Strawberries Popsicles

It’s strawberry season and it’s the perfect time to do a recipe of vegan cream and strawberries popsicles.

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Lemon Coconut Energy Balls

Want to put some sun in your day? Our Lemon Coconut Energy Ball Recipe is the solution! With Protilife PROTEIN Maple-Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal Mix, you’ll have the energy to face new challenges!

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Vegan Thai Red Curry

You want a good and tasty vegan meal? We have concocted a delicious recipe for you that is sure to please you.

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Keto Strawberry Shortcake

A perfect dessert to celebrate Mother’s Day, without deviating from your Keto lifestyle.

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Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheese

Do you want a good tasty lunch, but vegan? We have something for you! Our vegan pesto grilled cheese recipe is simply delicious and so easy to prepare!

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Pecan Pie

Here’s a sweet and healthy maple pecan pie recipe. Enjoy!

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Keto Carrot Cake

Easter weekend is a great opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring! For those of you who are in KETO mode, here is a tasty and healthy carrot cake recipe that is completely in line with your diet.

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Zucchini Noodles with Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp

Try this delicious shrimp and zucchini noodle recipe!

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Keto Cauliflower & Jalapeno Popper (Mac & Cheese)

What could be more comforting than a mac & cheese? Rediscover this classic in the keto way!

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Vegetarian salad

Do you fancy a simply delicious salad? We have the perfect recipe for you!

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Keto Chocolate Cake

Treat yourself with this delicious keto cake recipe!

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Keto Brownies Double Chocolate

Enjoy yourself with this delicious ketogenic double chocolate brownies!

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Keto Mochaccino Recipe

Do you want to enjoy a delicious hot drink to comfort you during the cold weather? We have the perfect recipe for you!

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Keto cupcake with chocolate icing

With our keto chocolate cupcake recipe, you can eat cupcakes without the guilt!

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Spider bite (keto pretzel recipe)

Quoi de mieux qu’une petite araignée chocolatée pour célébrer l’Halloween !

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Pasta with lentil bolognese sauce

You can do everything with vegetable proteins and without skimping on the taste. This is why we are offering you a delicious vegetarian pasta recipe with Bolognese lentils that will satisfy your taste buds!

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Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall is the perfect season for a warm, comforting drink! With this delicious ketogenic spicy pumpkin latte recipe, you’ll be able to face this cold spell.

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Keto Smoothie berries and avocado

This ketogenic smoothie only has 9g of carbs and is very nutritious!

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Smoothie Recipe – rich in iron and in healthy fats

This delicious smoothie rich in iron and in healthy fats is perfect for your busy mornings!

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Fat bomb Keto by Alexandra Cosentino

Cette recette unique et cétogène de fat bomb est faite à base de nos barres Protilife KETO. Découvrez toutes les étapes pour y parvenir !

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Meal replacements vs nutritional supplements – what’s the difference?

In practice, it is not very complicated to distinguish meal replacements and meal supplements. The Government of Canada regulates the labelling of foods for special dietary use. For example, products called “meal replacement” or “meal supplement” must meet many legal requirements.

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Ketogenic diet (Keto): Where to start?

Keto, is not only a diet, but a way of life! Changing one’s eating habits for the ketogenic lifestyle means taking care of one’s body and brain.

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How to Choose the Right Protein Bar for You?

As the movement is becoming mainstream, choosing a vegan lifestyle no longer requires a complex and methodical reorganization of your daily life.

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7 tips for better sleep

Is quality sleep these days really possible? Adopt these 7 tips to get a better night and improve the quality of your sleep.

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