Citrus & Almond Butter Bar


Box of 12 bars. The new Citrus & Almond Butter Bar from ProtiLife Plant-Based is absolutely delicious! Its soft texture, almond pieces and fragrant citrus flavour are unforgettable. You won’t be able to live without this high-protein snack during your long and busy days. Slide this bar into your gym bag, school bag, office space, purse or car… to appease your appetite when you most need it. A healthy, plant-based and high-protein snack – the height of perfection!


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Delicious plant-based on-the-go snack bar

INGREDIENTS* : Protein blend [pea protein isolate, pea crisps (pea protein isolate, pea starch, rice flour, calcium carbonate), organic brown rice protein concentrate, sesame protein concentrate], Oligofructose, Almond butter, Sugars (brown rice syrup, evaporated organic cane juice, date paste), Dehydrated coconut, Roasted diced almonds, Glycerine, Gum arabic, Organic coconut oil, Natural flavours, Organic hemp seeds, Sunflower lecithin, Citrus fiber, Citric acid, Sea salt, Organic stevia leaf extract, Mixed tocopherols.

Contains: Almonds, sesame.

May contain peanut, milk, soybeans, tree nuts and egg.

*We try to make sure that the nutritional information and ingredients on ProtiLife’s website are as accurate as possible. Please be aware that this information may be changed at any time, so please check your product’s packaging for accurate information about your product. For more details, please contact our team.


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